Continuous Improvement Tools

Guide To Simple Charting Techniques

A simple and useful guide to collect data and define measures, setting you on a course toward improvement and bottom line gains.

Topics covered include:
  • Variation: what causes it, and how to communicate and control it
  • Data Collection: what it is, why you need to do it, what the 2 types of data are, and how to collect data
  • Check Sheets: what they are, why you use them, guidelines on how you design them, and some examples
  • Process Flow Chart: a "map" of a process
  • Pareto Chart: represents problems or opportunities in order of descending magnitude or frequency
  • Run Chart: a time plot that shows variation over time
  • Histogram: shows the distribution or dispersion of measurements according to the frequency with which they occur
  • Correlation Chart: illustrates the relationship between two variables
  • Cause & Effect Diagram: gathering and organizing opinion data to point to potential causes to a problem