Continuous Improvement Tools

Winning The War On Waste: Changing The Way We Work by Bill Conway

An ongoing effort to eliminate waste means continuous change, including innovation and re-engineering as well as incremental change. The Right Way To Manage© emphasizes the need to identify and quantify waste and then identify the processes to change in order to eliminate the waste. Winning The War On Waste: Changing The Way We Work explains how to:
  • search for waste
  • move people into action
  • use simple and sophisticated tools to eliminate the waste.
What are the right things to work on? This is one of the major decisions that those working to bring about major improvements must make. The "vital few" objectives are among the most crucial concepts of The Right Way To Manage©. Because everything can't be worked on effectively at once, the projects that will make a difference must be selected. This book shows how to pick those projects: the big opportunities to cut costs, improve quality, reduce time, and increase revenues and profits.